New Living Arrangement for Josie…Again!

The first day my mom and Josie spent together was pretty funny.  They were having fun laughing and reminiscing just like they always do when they get together.  When I called to see how they were doing, they told me that my mom had been wheeling Josie around the house in a wheelchair, but the wheelchair couldn’t make it into the bathroom.  So they had someone come over to the house to remove the door to the bathroom.  It’s the only bathroom in the house!  The bathroom door had pretty much been off all day, and they had been laughing about for a while.  They even had company, a gentleman blind friend of theirs came over to spend the day with them.  And they all used the bathroom.  They can’t accidentally see anything they really aren’t supposed to, but the lack of privacy is what they were giggling so much about.

“Well, if it smells, that’s just too bad,” “make as much noise as you need to,” were some of the things they were giggling about when I called.  The door is off for convenience so that Josie can get back walking on her shiny new knees again. So anything other than that just has to be a lower priority now.

The old gals were having a blast, making the best of a very difficult situation that Josie is going through.

The second day didn’t go as well.  Josie fell down again.  She is having trouble getting her feet to move and walking with the new knees.  When she fell, my mom couldn’t help her up, so 9-1-1 had to be called.  Josie had to finally admit that she needed even more help than she initially thought.  Her doctor, my mom, and her kids convinced her that she needed to go back to the rehabilitation center and live for a few weeks just until she could manage enough to stop falling.

It really wasn’t safe for Josie to be falling so much.  She could hurt her knees even worse, but she could also break other bones or hit her head on something.  That wouldn’t be good at all.

So on day three Josie was driven back to the center where she had been staying.  A place she really doesn’t like, but needs to be right now.

My mom continues to call her twice a day, so they don’t miss a beat.  The plan is for Josie to come back and stay with my mom….

I’m still hoping that they will decide to be roommates after Josie recovers!

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