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Posts about my first book.

My Dad’s Chair

A picture of my brother and I sitting with my dad in “his chair.”  I was almost six and my brother was almost two in this picture.  We always had a version of “his chair” in our house throughout the years.  Whenever one wore out, it would be replaced with a brand new one.  The rules were always the same, though.  Dad always had first dibbs!  My mom would always say to us:  “You better get out of your dad’s chair.”

My Dad's Chair

Destiny Before It Happened

When these photos were taken of my parents, they didn’t know it at the time but they were going to meet because of a tragic accident and later fall in love! This is my mother Diane’s high school graduation picture. She was born legally blind. You might just think this picture is one of those… Continue Reading

Getting Started Writing My First Book

Every time I tell someone that my parents are blind, I get bombarded with questions: Really?  You mean both your parents are blind?  Were they always blind?  How did your parents go blind?  Do you have any siblings?  Are any of your siblings blind?  Did your parents raise you themselves?  Did your parents have any… Continue Reading