Josie & Diane:  A Lifetime of Friendship!

Josie and my Mom’s friendship has spanned over 50 years.  They were close and inseparable when they first met and attended the blind school together in the 1960s.  Then they started their own lives and families, but always kept in touch.

Josie and my mom still live about 40 miles apart.  Even though that isn’t very far for most of us, because they are blind and the public transportation between the two of them isn’t great it’s been hard for them to regularly visit one another.  They used to see each other about once a month.  Josie’s daughter Kellie would drive Josie to my mom’s house on Thursday or Friday evening and pick her up on Sunday to take her back home.  But a couple of things stopped those visits.  My mom got a temporary roommate who lived in the room Josie slept in, and Josie’s knees started hurting her making it hard for her to walk and stand.

Just three weeks ago, Josie just had knee replacement surgery on both knees.  After getting out of the hospital, she went back home to live by herself, but that didn’t work out very well.  I’m not sure how her doctor let her go home when she wasn’t ambulatory enough to get around on her own!!  Super bad idea, doc, especially since she doesn’t really have anyone around to help her.  But she may have led the doctor to believe that she could do it on her own.  She is a pretty stubborn woman just like my mom is and thinks she can do everything on her own!

Well, Josie wasn’t doing very well on her own, and she finally had to admit that she needed help.  She started falling down in the middle of the night.  It has only been three weeks, but this kind of surgery takes quite a while to recover from especially since Josie is now in her 70s.  Her life had turned into one of those Life Alert commercials – “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” 9-1-1 was called quite a few times to help her out.  But I guess she called a few too many times because the emergency operators told her that she was calling too often and they couldn’t come out as much.  So Josie had to look into other options.

So I’m glad to say that Josie and my mom are roommates yet again!  Just like they did 50 years ago — except for the medical issues!

Josie is temporarily living with my mom until she can get around better with her shiny new knees. I’m super happy that they are living together again, although I wish it wasn’t out of medical necessity.  I’ve been hinting to my mom for a few years now that she and Josie should live together, but they were both just living their own lives and doing their own things–one in Vacaville, and the other in Sacramento.  Calling each other twice a day and talking for hours was enough for the both of them.

Sometimes things happen in our lives for a reason, and I’m hoping that Josie needing help and coming to my mom’s house to live for a while is just one of those things that will make them realize that they should be roommates again just like they did in their early 20s.  Life is just better living with your bestie!

Please pray for a speedy recovery for Josie!

I will post updates on Josie’s recovery and their living situation.

Happiness & Health,


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